Can you do renovations in a condo?

Can you do renovations in a condo?

Yes, you can renovate and remodel your condo unit. You can update almost everything in your unit as long as it is not going to impact the structure of the building. However, all condo board requires you as the owner to run your renovation plans and layout with them as a proposal. Every condo has its own rules and regulations, so it is critical to ask the management office about its policy before starting any renovation project.

You can almost change anything in your condo unit including the following:

Condo Kitchen Renovation

Whole kitchen cabinets can be replaced and remodelled to any colour and design that suits your taste. However, have in mind since the fixtures and plumbing would affect the building, then you are required to hire a licensed and professional plumber to perform the changes. The management office will provide you with the guideline on the allowed plumbing material and the method that they wish you to perform the renovation.

Kitchen appliances belong to you and in most cases, the building has not much objection to that. (Please contact your condo management office to clarify any details)

Condo Bathroom Renovation

You can remove all current toilets and shower tubs and replace them with a new one. Or in some cases, you can also change and remodel your bathroom with a walk-in shower. The most important part that you need to pay attention to is to make sure the process is done properly preventing any water leakage to units below and next to you. Any damages to your neighbour units or the building as per your improper renovation will impact you and you would be liable for that, hence it is critical to hire a professional condo renovation company that has liability insurance to cover any possible damages.

Condo Bedroom Renovation

Due to limited space in new condo units, some owners require more cabinet spacing in their bedrooms. So it is very common to remodel the bedroom and add cabinets for your extra clothing and material.

Condo Flooring Renovation

Last but not least, it is very common for the owners to replace their current flooring. You can change your flooring to any material including pre-finished and finished Hardwood, lamination and engineered hardwoods. Most building requires the owner to use sound insulation underlay to prevent noise from travelling to units around you. Refer to your building management office for the required standard.

In the end, you can almost change anything in your unit as long as you are careful, follow the regulations and prevent damages to the building and other unit owners.

Read our blog posts on steps to get a condo renovation permit and let us know if we can help you with your Condo Renovation Project, we will take care of all paper works for you.

Do you need a permit to renovate your condo?

Do you need a permit to renovate your condo?

In most cases, you need an action plan for your renovation before start renovating your condo unit. Here is the break down of the steps that you need to go through at a glance:

  • Filling the renovation application with your condo management office and providing them with required documents including:
    • Create 2D and 3D design for the remodelling project
    • List of all trades including their licenses and insurances
    • Timeline and the amount of noise that is going to be produced
    • Samples of material that you are going to use for some of the items, such as sound insulation underlay for the flooring
  • Booking the elevator, loading area and garbage bin for any construction garbage
  • Cleaning all common areas after the everyday process and also prevent any damage to the elevator and other common areas.
  • Providing passed inspection documents for plumbing, electrical and others.

Through the application process, you might need to alter the documents and provide an explanation of your intentions as questions might arise from condo board members. Don’t forget the goal of the above process is to keep all owners safe and happy through your renovation process which is very important. Maserat Developments is a licensed and insured renovation company in Toronto, and you can contact us today to request a free quote and consultation.

Important Things To Consider before start renovating your condo

Important Things To Consider before start renovating your condo

It is understandable to change your own unit layout and design since you own the property. However, It is important to follow the condo board’s rules and policies before starting any condo renovation project. Each building has different regulations to prevent damage to other unit owners. We have listed 10 top steps before initiating your project.

1) Have a Clear Idea of the Rules

All condo building has its own rules and policy, you can find them by simply contacting your building management office and ask for their policy booklet.

2) Know what you are renovating and the limits

It is critical to know what you are renovating and what impact it will have on units around you. Usually, you are required to provide action and layout plan to the management office. Then the management will run it by the board to get approval. You are limited to how much change you can do to your unit, and it is usually within the wall of your unit not passing the Concrete ceiling and floor. (You have to double-check this with the condo management office.)

3) Don’t Move Around Your Fixtures

Most of the plumbing and electrical wires go through concrete walls, hence there is a limited you can do in terms of moving fixtures. Having that in mind plan for your renovation with the limitation in mind.

4) Don’t Shy Away from Painting

Most older condo units include popcorn ceiling, which in most cases makes the unit seems outdated and frankly ugly. The popcorn ceiling is removable and We will discuss it in detail in our future blog posts. Also, don’t shy away from painting as you can paint your unit professionally with any colour as you wish.

5) Choose to Stay Somewhere Else During the Renovation

If your bathroom is going through a renovation or maybe you are going to have painting, due to the health issues; Depending on your renovation’s scale, you might need to find an alternative place to stay for a while until the renovation has been completed.

Read more on tips for renovating your condo at our Condo Renovation blog category, and if you have any questions please contact our Condo Renovation department.

Condo Bathroom Renovation

Condo Bathroom Renovation

While condominium corporations limits the alteration to unit’s bathroom, there is still so much can be done to make it stands out. Most of the units comes with Bath Tub which looks pretty old school.

To renovation your condo’s bathroom we suggest to replace your current tub and replace it more modern looking item or transfer it to completely new look and function of stand shower. For our current condo renovation project at Old York Mills rd, we have already removed the bath tub, tiles, toilet and the vanity. We are going to post before and after photos very soon, but in meantime wanted to share the current stage we are at to give you a glance.

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