Renovate your condo with experts.

To perform renovation in condo buildings, you need to hire a certified and insured company. We can help to plan, budget and execute renovation projects.

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Recent Full Condo Renovation Project

All work was executed by top professional trades and to our highest satisfaction. Coordination, communication and control by project management were always efficient and excellent. The project was finished as planned and on budget.

– Michelle & Mark

Our Condo Renovation Services

Condo Kitchen Renovations

Whether you crave a traditional, transitional or modern kitchen. We got you covered for your condo kitchen renovation.

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Condo Bathroom Renovations

The most effective way to modernize your unit is to renovate the bathrooms. Refreshing or replacing the bathtub or vanity.

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Condo Storage Solutions

Condo Complate Renovations

We provide full condo renovation services as well, depending on the scale of your project; we can help you to redo your whole unit.  

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Renovation Permit is required.

We will take care of the Permits

To do a renovation in the condominium buildings a permit is required from the board of management. It is critical to review important steps before starting the renovation process to prevent legal complications.

As the owner you can change the interior decoration, however since it can impact the other unit owners; the condo corporation requires you to hire professional contractors as well getting approval from them for the changes applied to the unit.

Maserat Development has required certification and liability to perform your condo renovation.

We will take care of all paper works with the condo management to obtain the necessary permits. 

How we’re different!

Your best construction partner

Licensed & Insured

We are fully insured for our projects to provide a hassle-free construction experiment. 

Licensed Trades Only

Our team are specialized in what they do and fully licensed to complete the tasks within building code. 

Transparent Contract

We hate hidden fees and complicated agreements, so we make it easy just how we like it to be.