Do I require a permit for the renovation?

Do I require a permit for the renovation?

Depending on the scale of your project and what structural impact the renovation will have on the building, you may need permits. Our specialized project managers will discuss your project in detail and would advise you if you do need permits.

To obtain a building permit, a homeowner must submit an application to the district office where the home is located requesting necessary permits. Depending on the type and the size of the renovation there will be fees required to pay before processing the building permit. Once the prerequisites have been met, The Toronto building staff will review your plans in order to make sure they comply with the Ontario Building Code, local zoning by-laws, as well as other applicable regulations.

How to monitor the Building Permit Application online?

The building application process can be monitored online from the city’s website. Building permits are valid for the duration of the ongoing construction. However, if the work hasn’t started yet or has stopped, the permit is valid for up to six months and a building inspector can provide an extension to your permit.

Apart from the building permit — which is formal permission from your municipality to begin construction, demolition, addition, or renovation — there are other special types of permits you might need: 

heating permits, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) permits, plumbing permits, demolition permits, sign permits, or sign variance permits.

When do you need to apply for Building Permits?

In Ontario, you need a permit for the following renovations:

  • Constructing accessory buildings with an area of more than 10 square metres, or an addition to an existing building
  • Constructing attached or detached garages
  • Structural alterations
  • Excavating, repairing or underpinning a foundation
  • Heating ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, or electrical work
  • Constructing one or more new separate dwelling units within a building
  • Finishing previously unfinished spaces within a building
  • Adding new entrances or windows, changing the size of entrances or windows, or closing entrances or windows
  • Constructing chimneys or fireplaces
  • Installing swimming pool enclosures, constructing detached decks more than 60.96 centimetres above ground, or building any deck attached to a building
  • Demolishing or relocating all or part of a building

On the other hand, you won’t need a permit for these renovations:

  • Replacing stucco, siding, or shingles with the same material
  • Replacing doors or windows without altering the opening,
  • Constructing fences (except pool enclosure fences)
  • Patching, painting and decorating
  • Installing cabinets or shelves

If you need help to apply for a building permit, we work with professional engineers who can help to get the necessary documents together for the application.

Do I require a permit for the renovation?

Second Floor Addition and Rear Two Storey Addition

Many of our clients are requesting the steps to start a Second Floor Addition and Rear Two Storey Addition. Here is the guide on what you need to do before starting your construction project. For any construction project that will impact your property’s structure, it is required to apply for a building permit.

The building permit application has few main components including:

  • Feasibility Study: A Professional Engineer need to visit your property to assess the current building structure. Through the session, she or he will collect some measurements to compare it with the current city’s By-laws. Upon completing the research, a report will be generated to advise how far or how big you can extend your property.
  • Structure Drawing: Once you know your limits, then the engineer can proceed with the structure drawing of your current property as well as the alteration required to meet the new building’s expansions.
  • Building Permit: Once the structure building is completed, then it can be submitted to the city to apply for a building permit. At the city, a zoning officer will review the proposed plan to make sure it will comply with all city’s By-Laws if it does then upon his approval you will be issued with the building permit.

The above steps can be complicated and time-consuming, that is why at Maserat Developments we will help our clients to apply and get a building permit for their upcoming project.

We will arrange and schedule a professional engineer to visit your property to produce all necessary components to apply for a Building permit. Contact us today to arrange a hassle-free consultation.

We also provide Home Addition services if you are interested.

Most Essential Things to Consider While Renovation Contractors Toronto

Most Essential Things to Consider While Renovation Contractors Toronto

Renovation Contractors Toronto

When you look at other’s homes designed and built exceptionally well, you might develop the idea of what you want for your future house. Though it’s not an easy task, you need to make plan with architects, getting permits, selecting designs, making plans in the city and finally building it as per your requirements. It is really a time-consuming process. Whether you are going for home renovations by renovation contractors in Toronto or custom building your home the process remains the same. Here are the most essential things to consider during the home building or renovation process:

Determine What You Are Getting

Be aware of the timings, effort, money and commitment your custom home building requires. The building is really hard on a marriage and especially when you have kids too. Money flies soon when you are building a house hence you automatically develop stress. Hence you both must be ready with the finances and the emotional and mental setup on how to deal with the issues.

Hire the Right People

When you hire the right people, everything becomes easy. Interview and have discussions with a lot of architects, designers and builders before jumping on a final decision. Ask for the names and numbers they have worked with before, get references and reviews for finalizing custom building and home renovation contractors in Toronto.

Decide about Cabinet and Furniture Placement Early

It’s prominent to decide on furniture placement early in the design phase. Where do you want to place your chairs, couch and beds? Is there enough room to place your favourite piece of furniture? The kitchen cabinets also need a great room to open and place things. Tell all your requirements to your designers at the right time.

Be Prepared for the Mistakes

While many things work out, you should know that there are going to be a lot of mistakes made. There is hardly or no way to build a house perfectly going smoothly without any mistakes and problems. Building a home involves a lot of people and changes. Some things you have decided on in the beginning may not go the same during the process hence you just have to move on.

Trust everyone in the building process but believe your gut. Also be kind to your architects, designers and renovation contractors in Toronto. The whole process can be daunting and exciting too but when you will see you completely finished home, you will be happy and excited both.

House Renovation Contractor for Home Additions Services

House Renovation Contractor for Home Additions Services

House Renovation Contractor

When it comes to remodeling, each and every corner of the home needs a makeover. Among all the rooms that have the biggest visual impact, the kitchen always rules. But when it’s about renovating kitchen people get no new ideas. This is because the kitchen cabinets come in the standard sizes, built boring. However, it’s in the hand of house renovation contractor that you hired and the homeowners who can bring innovative and inspiring ideas to bring them to life.

A gleaming new kitchen will make your entire home more livable and it will increase the equity value of your property. A fully remodeled kitchen with brand new ideas is certainly a project worth time, money, effort and would be the focus of family life. To avoid being overwhelmed during the whole kitchen renovation process, you should fully understand the steps that can make the process smooth.

Home Additions Toronto

Add Built-in Appliances

The kitchen looks great when it is clean and aesthetically maintained with new-age built-in appliances. Functional and inclined, they make your work easy and also help in creating a more organized and maximized working space. They also provide the perfect contemporary finish to your kitchen.

A Sitting Area is a must

The restaurant kitchen trend is most popular these days. Depending upon the number of family members and the space available, you can place a table and chairs inside the kitchen where you can sit and eat together. For a kitchen with less space, introduce a wall-mounted dining table that you can pull out when needed.

Paint Ideas

Paint your kitchen cabinets and walls with a variety of design textures. You can choose your colors; make combinations and contrasts to give an appealing look. Water-based paints will work the best rather than the solvent-based products on kitchen walls.

Upgrade Your Sink

Identify your utility before picking up a single, double or three bowls. You can choose from a plethora of materials available for sinks; however ceramic and stainless steel ones have a modern contemporary look and maintain good hygiene as well.

Introduce New Flooring

Adding strong, sturdy and maintenance-free tiles or granite are wonderful options for your kitchen floor. You can also choose from wood, cork, vinyl, natural stone etc. which are available in a variety of colors and textures.

Kitchen Accessories

You can bring a style quotient to your kitchen by adding high-quality accessories. Create a statement with frequently used products like platters, pots, pans and dishes. Try adding beautiful cabinets, switches, handles and create a distinct look.

Introduce New Racks

Kitchen utensils and containers that you need daily can be kept open in the showcase. This will save you time and help manage things in a better way. Add a new arrangement of open warehouse styled shelves for easy access and plenty of storage.

De-clutter your kitchen and stay more organized and find everything handy when you need it by arranging in a well-mannered approach. For the most outstanding results, follow a step by step approach and hire renovation contractors Toronto with sound experience.

COVID-19 CRA Benefits for Self-Employed and Businesses

COVID-19 CRA Benefits for Self-Employed and Businesses

The government of Canada has introduced a few benefit streamlines to assist people who have been impacted by COVID-19. The programs are in place to help companies and self-employed groups of communities. These measures will help the economy to continue rolling as the whole community is facing COVID-19.

In a video, our CEO, Ali Maserrat that has been working from home to comply with Social Distancing summarized some of these benefit plans. Review and feel free to send us your questions via e-mail. Please note that you must do your own diligence with your accountant and lawyer.

Additional Home Addition Costs: Permits and Plans

Additional Home Addition Costs: Permits and Plans

When you start thinking about getting a home addition done, you’ll need to check with your city what kind of addition you’re allowed to have, what dimensions are permitted, whether siding options are imposed or not, and more. In fact, there are urban planning rules that specifically regulate home additions. Many municipalities even require you to get your plans done and officially signed by an architect or technologist before even handing you over the permit. Depending on where you live, the cost of a permit can vary depending on the kind of home addition you plan on getting done. On average, a permit is about $2000. As for plans, depending on how complex they are, their cost can vary between $4,000 and $10,500 if they’re done by a technologist. It’s fairly easy to find permit request information online for most cities: TorontoMississaugaVaughanMarkham. Some of them offer online application forms while others require you to show up at the urban planning office with your plans and home’s deed in hand.  Live in Toronto? Check out our Home Addition Services to learn the entire process – including the cost of each party involved! We provide home addition to our Toronto Neighbourhoods including (But not limited) to following: Davisville Village, Leaside, Summerhill, Rosedale, York Mills, Lawrence Park, Lytton Park, St. Clair West Village and Forest Hill.