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Building Permit fees calculation

Mar 15, 2020 | Building Permits

You might wonder how much would a building permit costs you as a homeowner. For every permit application, you must submit a full application to the City of Toronto. The most application requires drawing and professional engineer stamp to verify the accuracy and responsibility. We do provide building permit applications for our customers, however, if you wonder how much the would city charge you for the application, the following is the formula they use. (following information has been collected from the website of the City of Toronto, please review their site to confirm updated information).

Permit fees shall be calculated based on the formula given below unless otherwise specified in this schedule:
A minimum fee of $198.59 (2020) shall be charged for all work.
An hourly fee of $85.79 (2020) shall be charged for examination and inspection activities.

The above information has been taken from The City of Toronto’s website and can change at any time. Please consult with your architect or project manager for accurate fees. 

Fee Calculation Formula:

  • Permit fee = SI x A
  • SI = Service Index for classification of proposed work
  • A = Floor area in m2 of work involved in work involved

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