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What are the Different Types of Bathrooms

May 15, 2021 | Bathroom Renovations

When planning the layout of a space, you should determine the function of each room to pick the right finishes. For instance, materials and fixtures in a kid’s bathroom are different than those in a master bathroom both functionally and financially. Thus, below we discern the differences between types of bathroom.

Powder Rooms

Powder rooms or half baths are mainly used by guests to freshen up. A sink and a toilet are the only features provided in powder rooms. They usually are situated on the first floor of the house near the entryway. This type of bathroom tends to be small and the standard size is about 15-25 sq ft. However, there are special measurement and specifications which should be based on the building codes and regulations.

Ensuite bathrooms

Master bathrooms or Ensuite bathrooms are the focal points of selling your home. Since master bathrooms need to be expanded a lot of works are involved in the bathroom renovation project such as moving walls, plumbing, electrical and architectural and engineering which each of them needs inspection approval and regulations to be followed.

That is why master renovations are the most expensive among other types of bathrooms. Also, as they are situated adjacent to the bedroom many concerns should be considered. Noise for instance could be prevented by installing a modern inlet valve or if the level of moisture is high, you can either install an exhaust fan or add a window. Privacy is one of the key elements of en suite bathrooms due to their proximity to the master bedroom. If you do not have a master bathroom, you can convert a large closet or you can build one from scratch.

Jack & Jill Bathrooms

Allocating space to bathrooms takes up the floor plan and costs a lot. Sharing one bathroom between two bedrooms saves money and space. This type is a shared yet private space which normally shared between siblings.

Some of the essential features in Jack & Jill bathrooms are two sinks, Locks on both doors, Storage and accessories.

Guest Bathrooms

A guest bathroom as its name represents is primarily for the use of guests who stayed at your place. There is no specification for renovating them, only your personal preference in choosing finishes and fixtures.


Renovating Your Bathroom 

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