Luxury Kitchen Renovation in Toronto 

Replacing your current outdated kitchen with traditional, transitional or modern cabinets. Check out our kitchen renovation services to know more.

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Each projects is unique.

Our Kitchen Renovation Step by Step

Condo Kitchen Renovation

Our Kitchen Renovation Services includes:

To simplify the process of Kitchen Renovation for you as the homeowner, we do provide design, material selection, production and installation. We will cover the following through the process: 

  • Demolish & Removal
  • Material selection and Design Consultation
  • Cabinet installation 
  • Countertop installation  
  • Electrical and Plumbing finishing 
Kitchen Renovation Measurements

Measurement & Look

Measuring the Space & Decide on the overall look Such as Traditional, Transitional or Modern.

Kitchen Renovation Material Selection

Material & Appliances

You need to decide on cabinet’s structure and door’s material as well as prepare the area for later Installation of Appliances.

Kitchen 2D and 3D Design

2D & 3D Designs

It would be easier for customers to visualize their final product via 2D and 3D design, that’s why we go extra mile by providing the design concept. 

Kitchen Countertop Fabrication

Countertop Material & Fabrication

Once the kitchen is ready and delivered, the countertop should be selected and fabricated to be installed. The Countertop material is very important as it will edge over time and can be impacted by the way the customer’s treat them over their life time. 

Kitchen Appliances Installation

Appliances Installation

As the kitchen is almost ready, all appliances should be delivered and being installed. We do have us in house appliances installed which customers can benefit from or their production company’s installer.

Kitchen Renovation Completed

Quality Test & Final Walk Through.

The kitchen is ready to be tested and customer can do their final walk through to make sure everything has been completed as per of their expectation. 

How we’re different!

Your best construction partner

Licensed & Insured

We are fully insured for our projects to provide a hassle-free construction experiment. 

Licensed Trades Only

Our team are specialized in what they do and fully licensed to complete the tasks within building code. 

Transparent Contract

We hate hidden fees and complicated agreements, so we make it easy just how we like it to be.